10 movies for the autumn evenings

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A selection of films from Likestory.net that is so pleasant to watch and review at this time of the year


1994, directed by Edward Zwick. Starring: brad pitt, Anthony Hopkins, Aidan Quinn, Julia Ormond

10 movies for the autumn evenings

A family Saga about three brothers and their father, whose life is turned meeting with a femme fatale (Julia Ormond). To review the movie, at least for the young long-haired brad pitt, who played a key character — Tristan. In General, this role has invited more famous johnny Depp, but he then found better things to do. Brad pitt is your chance to not miss and, according to many spectators, in the “legends of the fall” he’s as good as anywhere else, neither before nor after that.


1986, directed by woody Allen. Starring: MIA Farrow, Barbara Hershey, Diann Uist, Michael Caine etc.

10 movies for the autumn evenings

The Manhattan genius woody Allen has withdrawn its story about American “three sisters”: Hannah, Lee and Holly. Each of them is going through a drama in his personal life, which is exacerbated on thanksgiving Day when everyone gathers together.

As usual, the characters of woody Allen of the new York intellectuals and aesthetes. They roam in search of the paper book shopping, listening to jazz on vinyl, are unintelligible conversation about art and get warm drinks at the café on the corner of the Avenue. All these scenes set us a special autumn mood and overwhelming desire to “live in Manhattan”.


2016, directed by Pedro almodóvar. Starring: adriana Ugarte, Rossi de Palma, Emma Suarez, Michelle Jenner, INMA Cuesta

10 movies for the autumn evenings

Who has not seen the new film by Pedro Almodovar, released two months ago, do not deny yourself the pleasure to see it now. As usual with Almodovar, in all the colorful, fireworks, beautiful Spanish women pull the skeletons out of the closets and tossing his tragic past. In “Juliet” most of the story takes place pre-season in Madrid, where the heroine — a middle-aged, but attractive and elegant woman, accidentally encounters a friend of his long-lost daughter. Tart finish leaves this picture, like Spanish wine. What we need this fall.


2000, directed by Joan Chen. Starring Winona Ryder, Richard Gere

10 movies for the autumn evenings

Enjoy autumn in new York, to wander with the characters in the rustling of the fallen leaves in Central Park, to think about Eternity and drink coffee in a restaurant nearby, all within 100 minutes, while this movie. Casual acquaintance of a charming young Charlotte in the performance of Winona Ryder and gray-haired lover will Keane, played by the irresistible Richard Gere, quickly develops into serious feelings. But autumn, with all its romance, does not give hope for a happy ending of the story. Ahead of the winter.


1994, directed by WIM Wenders. Starring: rüdiger Vogler, Patrick Bosho, Vashka Sequeira, Bordeaux josé da Silva

10 movies for the autumn evenings

Another city that is indescribably beautiful in the fall — and here goes the main character, the Director Friedrich Monroe to rent in Lisbon his new film for vintage camera.

Do not expect action and the vicissitudes of love, slowly savoring this movie for the sake of sunlit arty shots from city streets, ringing a retro-trams, the wondrous music of Madredeus and the overall bright light mood, which is able to ask Vim Vendres.


2000, directed by Wong Kar Wai. Starring: Maggie Cheung, Tony Leung Chiu Wai

10 movies for the autumn evenings

Remarkably thin and deep movie from Hong Kong Director, appreciated by the European audience. A man and a woman settled in the neighboring apartments. Friendships between them, after they begin to suspect their spouses of infidelity. To love Maggie and Tony is one step, but they do not dare to cross that line. Only languid in the mood for love reigns in every frame.

To feel the atmosphere of this movie please leave all cases, breathe out, turn off “speed mode”. Just being in a contemplative mood, you can see here Kar-Wai. Yes, for girls will be a distinct pleasure to admire brocade and silk dresses Maggie in the Chinese style.


2006, Director Alejandro Agresti. Starring: Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock

10 movies for the autumn evenings

A fantastic story of love, warm and sincere. In the story the heroine of the film Kate Forester moved, leaving a letter to the new occupant of his house at the lake. This new tenant becomes the architect Alex Wyler, who writes Kate’s response. So tied affair in letters, but later they find out that living in a different time. Acting Duo Keanu Reeves and Sandra bullock looks very organic. Recommended for viewing all lovers of melodramas.


2001, directed by Pat O’connor. Starring Keanu Reeves, Charlize Theron, Jason Isaacs, etc.

10 movies for the autumn evenings

A Hollywood romance without the standard happy ending with the handsome Keanu Reeves and clever Charlize Theron you have probably not seen. But to revise it many times — especially in the rainy autumn evenings for a cosy autumn paintings in San Francisco. Here unfolds a love story of a successful ambitious advertising agent Nelson and eccentric girl Sarah with a deadly disease. Every month Sarah deals with the correction of one man’s life who needs help. In November, this is Nelson, and he will be the last. Charming heroine Charlize Theron, wrapped in an orange knitted shawl, casual dialogues, poignant music, beautiful background and touching the end — all for what we love “Sweet November”.

8. “DOLLS”

2002, directed by Takeshi Kitano. Starring: Miho Kanno, Hidetoshi Nishijima, Tatsuya Mijas, Chieko Matsubara, Kyoko Fukada, Tsutomu Takeshige, Kayoko Kishimoto, etc.

10 movies for the autumn evenings

Silent, meditative and incredibly beautiful film, Takeshi Kitano, consists of three short stories about love. In the first story tells of a couple — Matsumoto left his poor Sawako for the sake of an arranged marriage. The second tells of the old and sick the Yakuza, who after 30 years met at their favorite Park. And the third story on the former pop star, whose face is disfigured because of the accident. Picturesque nature in Japan is amazing, as well as charming music Joe Hlsalshi and fantastic costumes that came up for “Dolls” of iconic Japanese designer Yoji Yamamoto.

10. “The DREAMERS”

2004, directed by Bernardo Bertolucci. Starring: Eva green, Louis Garrel, Michael Pitt

10 movies for the autumn evenings

Frankly, the events of the film happen in the autumn, and in may, during the student demonstrations of 1968 in Paris. However, depending on your mood it is good to view now, when the onset of cold weather make you dream of seclusion at home with a selection of good movies. So spend time heroes of Bertolucci twins Theo and Isabelle and their American friend Matthew, the foreign exchange student. Cut off from the real world in a Bohemian Parisian apartment, friends, watching movies and exploring the boundaries of their passion.