10 motivational books, which are really the best gift

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For those who are still tormented with the choice of a gift, we got 10 books for every taste, from incendiary sports biographies and business advice football coach to serious prose and culinary collections from the Olympic champion.

For those who like stories in first person

Zlatan Ibrahimovic. “I Am Zlatan”

10 motivational books, which are really the best gift

If you or a future owner of your gift still have not read one of the most incendiary autobiographies in the history of sports (well, translated into Russian language), the coming year is the time to fix it. This book is required reading even for those who, in principle, not watching football. One of the most colorful players of our time Zlatan Ibrahimovic does not change itself and gives the reader exactly what he is waiting for: bright tells about a poor child in Sweden, when he happened to steal a bike; compares himself to a Ferrari, and the coaching staff of “Barcelona” drivers “Fiat”; he calls his own wife “a hell of a luxury woman”” all one word and breathy. And throughout the entire text carefully displays an image of the kissed by God of a man who was destined to become a big star, not to end the life of a small bully in Malmö (although the chances of the second option seemed more). In the case of Ibrahimovic is not annoying, but on the contrary it makes require supplements. This is a case when it is better to read than to hear ten retellings.

Usain Bolt. “As fast as lightning. Autobiography”

10 motivational books, which are really the best gift

Another biography of a great sports star, a book which not need to wait with Amazon. Usain Bolt is one of the few athletes who managed to become a world celebrity, not a footballer or an actor. The story of a world record in the sprint on his own life and career begins as he shatters your expensive sports car. That’s the Usain that combines outstanding sports talents, faith in Providence (a great deal of attention in the book Bolt gives to that, why didn’t God let him die in the accident) and easy disposition cheerful Jamaican man, to whom nothing human is alien. In this, I suppose, lies the secret of his charm.

Andre Agassi. Open: An Autobiography

10 motivational books, which are really the best gift

Autobiography Andre Agassi written a few years after his retirement. As a result, he was spared from having to comply with the politeness as an active member of the tennis Corporation, and was able to speak more freely than I can afford sometimes breaks. And this makes the book particularly interesting to anyone who likes to look behind the scenes. To do without spoilers and not to ruin your reading, let’s say for starters that The New York Times called an autobiography Agassi “the most anti sports book written by the athlete superstar.”

For those who prefer serious reading

The Silent Season of a Hero: The Sports Writing of Gay Talese

10 motivational books, which are really the best gift

Option for advanced aesthetes — a collection of sports texts, one of the pillars of American journalism Gaya Talese. This charming guy is known worldwide as the author of one of the most famous texts in the history of world journalism, “Frank Sinatra has a cold” (Frank Sinatra Has a Cold. He is “the best magazine essay of all times and peoples”. At the time Talese started as an assistant and the boy bands of the editorial Board, and the first full journalistic work in the sports Department of The New York Times, conducted a thematic column called Sports Gay-zing, wrote about Boxing, baseball and much more.

“Sports is a story about how people lose, lose and lose. They lose matches, then they are out of work. This can be a very exciting and entertaining,” explained Talese his interest in sports dramas.


Alex Ferguson. Leading

10 motivational books, which are really the best gift

A new book, sir Alex Ferguson, the legendary coach of “Manchester United”, written in collaboration with his longtime friend, investor, sir Ilca Moritz. In his first biography of sir Alex fairy stories interspersed with instructive stories of success. Now, as the name implies, Ferguson, using their own 38 years of coaching experience, teaches how to lead, to build brands and successful teams. Given that in the biography of the coach was the legendary disciplinary Bucca throw in David Beckham, you can guess his methods are varied, and the reading will be boring. Will be useful to anyone who wants to rule the world.


Mark McClusky. Faster, Higher, Stronger: The New Science of Creating Superathletes, and How You Can Train Like Them

10 motivational books, which are really the best gift

Popular scientific literature in the Russian language, dedicated to sports science and physiology, the situation is, to put it mildly, does not matter. Remains comforted by the publications in foreign languages, such diversity runs the risk of forever chained to the monitor or e-book. Released in 2015, the book of Mark Mcclusky’s “Faster, higher, stronger: the new science of the creation of superathletes. And how can we train the same way as they continues the rich tradition of English-speaking (primarily American) literature available which tells the ordinary reader about the laws of human physiology and the ways to overcome them. How to prepare Olympians, NBA stars and other sports superheroes? What experts are behind some of your favorite athletes? How can you apply this to ordinary people and their training? As a bonus, the Russian reader will get the answer to the question, why in many sports we are so hopelessly behind in terms of results.


For those who love a healthy lifestyle

Cameron Diaz. “The book about the body”

10 motivational books, which are really the best gift

The first 27 years of my life Hollywood star Cameron Diaz loved fast food, did not even know where a gym is, and had much to make up the face because of oily skin. Until one day she was sent to the master of martial arts to prepare for the role, and there she discovered the sport. And was so involved that by the age of 40 became known tips on part of a harmonious life, no less than their roles.


Ian Thorpe. Cook for Your Life

10 motivational books, which are really the best gift

Rare example — a cookbook from the multiple Olympic swimming champion Australian Ian Thorpe. He always loved good food and enjoyed cooking, so I set myself the task to adapt favorite foods to a system of healthy nutrition, compatible with the sport. And the results of their experiments and communication with experts on nutrition issued in the recipe book.

“I believe that there are no “good” and “bad” food, and do not intend to follow the extreme tips of different diets. The best way to know what you are eating is to cook for myself,” explains Ian its culinary philosophy.

The book is traditionally divided according to types of dishes: seafood, desserts, vegetarian food, different types of meat (there is a Chapter called “Beef and kangaroo), etc.


Serena and Venus Williams. Venus and Serena. Meals from the hip: 10 rules of life, love and victory

10 motivational books, which are really the best gift

The main girl of world tennis right now, Serena Williams is known to have withstood several editions of the autobiography, which is also recommended reading. But sister Venus is another interesting book. “Feeding from the hip: 10 rules for life, love and victory” in full compliance with the title tips how to go on dates, to treat money, to take criticism, etc. don’t know what about Dating, but in terms of material issues, self-esteem and ability to succeed, whatever is said around to the sisters, you can surely listen.

Also recommend the book Venus Williams Come to Win: Business Leaders, Artists, Doctors, and Other Visionaries on How Sports Can Help You Top Your Profession. The eldest of the sisters have collected tips from many successful people on how the sport helps them achieve success in their business. If you still think that people are going to play sports just for the sake of the press and slim waist, this book is definitely for you.

For those who appreciate the drama

Reid Albergotti and Vanessa O’connell. “Lance Armstrong, Tour de France and the biggest scandal in sports history”

10 motivational books, which are really the best gift

For those who want to understand how modern the sport and why he places so far removed from the bright ideals of the founder of the Olympic movement Baron Pierre de Coubertin. This book is available in Russian language — the result of the investigation of Wall Street Journal reporters reed, Albergotti and Vanessa O’connell, held on the heels of one of the biggest scandals in the history of the sport.
Armstrong was a means of profit for a small group of Americans. They wanted not only to dominate the Cycling, but also to turn it into a money machine, and Armstrong was perfect for their purposes: the combination of exceptional athletic talent, assertiveness, ambition and cruelty.