10 the most flexible girls “Instagram”

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Negative splits and a dangerous bend in the back. Many of these girls — not a gymnast, who since childhood suffered the pain of stretching, and ordinary people passionately in love with sports, dance and yoga. We made a compilation of famous athletes who will amaze you with its stretch and just will delight.


10 the most flexible girls "Instagram"
This American has combined the seemingly incompatible: dancing and yoga. She moves elegantly and gracefully, combining in his performances and fitness, and yoga and dance steps. Kucera calls his style yoga and gives master classes in the United States and Europe.

Michelle Shimmy

10 the most flexible girls "Instagram"
Michelle grew up on the ocean. All the movements of this the Australians are imbued with grace and strength. It is one of the most successful pole athlete in the world, and stretching into her daily routine in constant experimentation on his own body.

Natasha Nikolaeva

10 the most flexible girls "Instagram"
Natasha, a Russian by birth, now lives in the States, and often visited in Bali: the climate of Paradise island contributes greatly to the good stretch. Natasha has launched its own app StretchIt App, which contains many professional lessons on stretching twines and spins.

Anastasia Skogoreva

10 the most flexible girls "Instagram"
You’d be surprised, but Anastasia was not engaged in rhythmic gymnastics as a child: such a gorgeous twines and soft, like a cat, back girl have achieved, working hard on yourself. This helped her ballet lessons, and regular classes at the pylon, which required a great of using your own body.

Bendy Kate

10 the most flexible girls "Instagram"
Flexible Kate famous, perhaps, throughout the world. She’s a circus artist, acrobat and piano player. Kate likes to experiment with shells, so mastered the silks and ring. It seems that the talent Kate has no limits.

Olga Trifonova

10 the most flexible girls "Instagram"
Olga Trifonova — 14-year-old girl who became the winner of “minute of fame” on the First channel. She became famous thanks to its unique talent in pole dancing. Girl playing in international competitions for pole sports in the category of “Stars” and leave behind the more experienced athletes.

Nude Yogagirl

10 the most flexible girls "Instagram"
Her face was not seen, but her body members had time to study all the details. Naked girl demonstrates the beauty of her flexible body in various asanas, but to open the face and not ready. Well, every woman should be a mystery.

Elina Szymanowski

10 the most flexible girls "Instagram"
Artist of the circus and a young mother gives great workshops on the banner where everyone can feel the progress, not leaving the room. Elina gently puts on the transverse splits, longitudinal splits stretches-but even the most wooden and teaches them to keep balance in handstands.


10 the most flexible girls "Instagram"
French diva pole dance, delicate like a ballet dancer, and strong as an athlete. Marion began her career with classical ballet and jazz-modern. She is the Creator of many of the author’s position on the pylon that are impossible to duplicate without a very serious stretch marks.

Samantha Old

10 the most flexible girls "Instagram"
The tattooed star of the acrobatics of the USA lives in new York. “Just in life”, says Samantha. Her body stretched like that of a young animal: every muscle, every ligament perform their function flawlessly. Samantha is constantly experimenting with handstands and transitions that require excellent pleat and side splits.