10 exercises that you can do in bed

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Chose great workout that will allow you to pump your body not getting out of bed. Just don’t forget to repeat everything I saw. And not only this morning but in the evening we picked up a couple of workouts that you can do before going to bed.

1. Easy 10-Minute Workout You Can Do in Bed

This comprehensive 10-minute workout that includes exercises for all muscle groups. After sleeping a few moments and stretch the muscles, then move on to the implementation of the main complex and complete workout minute stretch. Each exercise should be done for about a minute, but do not forget about the rest.

2. An Easy Workout You Can Do in Bed

Want to lose weight and bring your muscle tone? This will help you in four simple exercises and charming Namrata Purohit — the Pilates instructor.

3. Effective Lower Abs & Hips Moves in Bed

Certified fitness trainer and nutrition specialist Johanna su on your YouTube channel shares how to keep fit and eat at the same time both delicious and useful. Her life motto is to love and appreciate yourself and to help others do the same. In this video, Joanna demonstrates the five most effective exercises for the muscles of the back, abdominals and hips. Training will not take you a lot of time — 45 seconds on each exercise, plus 15 seconds of rest. Five-minute exercise in the morning will tighten your legs and strengthen abs.

4. AB Exercises in Bed

We continue to learn the exercise in the bed on the YouTube channel of Joanna su. This complex is aimed at leveling your press. Five minutes of the best exercises for all major muscles of the abdomen. As in the previous video perform each exercise for 45 seconds, then 15 seconds rest. This is not an abridged screening of the workout, Joanna performs each exercise completely — you can only repeat.

5. Fat Burning Workout Bed

And again Joanna Su. Be sure to check back on her channel, there you will find all sorts of workouts and tips on nutrition. Well, we chose the complex, for which required only a bed. This exercise is the most dynamic of all that you will encounter in the article. Five exercises for 45 seconds without a break. Then repeat the exercises without rest. If you find it hard to maintain such a pace, perform each exercise for 30 seconds, then 15 seconds rest. Eight minutes of burning. Let’s do this!

6. Upper Body Cardio Workout in Bed

Most training is in bed uses only the lower part of the body. So we found the training, aimed at the elaboration of muscles of the upper body. This five-minute set of exercises will pump your shoulders, arms, back and even abs.

7. 10 Minute Gentle Morning Yoga Sequence

If you are ready to start their morning with an active, even a short workout, try after waking up to practice yoga. Morning asanas will help to gradually move from sleep to wakefulness, eliminating unnecessary stress to the body. By taking just 10 minutes yoga in the morning, you will get a trim figure. As in the video, the music very relaxing, try not to fall asleep during the exercise. We believe, you will succeed.

8. Yoga Stretches in Bed

Another training devoted to yoga in bed. Gradually stretching all of the muscles in your body, you help the body to awaken.

9. 5 Minute Before Bed Yoga

Exercises in bed can be performed not only in the morning, but before bedtime. Relaxing postures of yoga will relieve tension after a hard day and will help to improve the quality of sleep. All exercises are performed in bed, as sports equipment — pillows.

10. Quick Exercises to Do Before Bed

Just three exercises that will help you relax before bedtime. The video shows a good technique, just repeat for Tracy Copeland. By the way, in the past she’s a professional gymnast and athlete and now master trainer of Nike.