10 of the coolest yoga instructor

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What is yoga?
“Yoga is an antidote for the crazy life”

Yoga is beneficial to all, young and old, be you strong like bull or consider themselves weak. The aim of yoga is to improve your physical and spiritual well-being.

The word “Yoga” means “Union, connection, communication, unity is the harmony of body and spirit. Combined physical and breathing exercises every time You make a step closer to the main goal. The purpose of yoga is to achieve and maintain the harmony of the three principles of man:


Cool guys also do yoga. If you are in your yoga class, surrounded by some ladies, you can always subscribe to these cool trainers, which prove that yoga is cool and manly.

James Ransome

10 of the coolest yoga instructor

Very beautiful and inspiring account of the California yoga instructor, where he shares his experience of spiritual practices. Carefully, James is an experienced surfer, so his Instagram amount of beauty on one square the rolls.
Instagram: https://instagram.com/james.ransom/

John Kest

10 of the coolest yoga instructorJohn Kest teaches not only cool and unusual hip-hop version of Vinyasa yoga, but is also a fitness expert and happy owner of the gorgeous biceps and abs. And he’s a vegan, so the vegan propaganda in his Instagram you can’t escape it.
Instagram: https://instagram.com/kestyoga/

Dylan Werner

10 of the coolest yoga instructorMartial arts, rock climbing, fitness and, of course, yoga — Instagram Dylan a bunch of interesting things.
Instagram: https://instagram.com/dylanwerneryoga/

Patrick Beach

10 of the coolest yoga instructorThrough social media, Patrick, and Dylan Werner, proves that yoga can do everything, absolutely everything — and not only young and beautiful girls.
Instagram: https://instagram.com/patrickbeach/

Duncan Peak

10 of the coolest yoga instructorDuncan Peak is not only a great yoga instructor. He’s the one who managed to turn his life into the company, bringing not only a huge benefit to people, but also a significant income. Network yoga Power Living Australia Yoga (P. L. A. Y), created by Duncan, is now one of the most popular in Australia.
Instagram: https://instagram.com/yogidunx/

Led Machnery

10 of the coolest yoga instructorLed got into yoga get-together in eight years: yoga his addicted father. Phenomenal story: in just five years, thirteen, Sid passed training courses for yoga instructors. No wonder he is now one of the coolest teachers in the whole Universe.
Instagram: https://instagram.com/sid4freedom/

Gerald Saluti

10 of the coolest yoga instructorGerald talks about good yoga, life, love and human limits — after his heartfelt instagram-speeches and want to understand all these poses “dog face down” — only to moment of clarity.
Instagram: https://instagram.com/geraldsaluti/

Cameron Shane

10 of the coolest yoga instructorCameron — the Creator of the training program of Budokon that combines elements of yoga, martial arts and meditation. Therefore, in his account you will see not only beautiful frozen yoga asanas, but also incredibly cool photo from training JIU-jitsu.
Instaram: https://instagram.com/cameronshayne/

Shawn Phelps

10 of the coolest yoga instructorAnother cool Californian yogi with beautiful photographs of the asanas on the Pacific coast.
Instagram: https://instagram.com/phelpshair/

Jordan Tecra

10 of the coolest yoga instructorA yoga instructor from Sydney, so in his Instagram a lot of beach, ocean, joy, kindness and reflection about the lessons. All we like.
Instagram: https://instagram.com/findinglotusyoga/