10 commercials that are better than any movie about love

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What to do if you want to from the screen it was possible to cry and laugh, and dream, and two free hours?

Likestory.net solved this problem: we have collected the top 10 romantic commercials that don’t last longer than 4 minutes, but the effect is the same.

Extra Gum: The Story of Sarah & Juan

Who would have thought that you can go through so many emotions during a two-minute advertisement of gum! But it is, after all, it is a romantic story of two lovers first meet, first kiss, quarrels, breakups and inevitable happy ending.

Train de Nuit – CHANEL N°5

Want to see the sequel to “Amelie”? The video was shot by film Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet and starring Audrey Tautou. And there is a mysterious stranger.

Always with you. Leibniz

This mini-movie that sometimes you have to fight for his love, but love always wins.

Frog. Twistos

In a one-minute movie instead of a romantic Comedy. Laughter laughter, and many girls would not refuse to kiss a frog. That is frog.

Robert Pattinson and Dior Homme

This black and white video can be easily disassembled into frames and to arrange the photo exhibition — it is so beautifully filmed. Well, Pattinson even after several parts of “Twilight” not much happens.

Chanel N° 5

Video Chanel N° 5 with the simple title “Le Film” directed by Baz Luhrmann is not only one of the most expensive in the world (a 4-minute video cost the creators of $ 44 million), but the love story is hot like a supernova. Starring — Nicole Kidman.

Kiss. Vodafone

The creators of this video managed to fit a whole life in a few kisses. For the 1.5 minutes you can have time to think, that at us everything turned out exactly the same.

Kindred spirits. Lynx

This video is for those who believe that somewhere in the world wandering it’s half and sooner or later you will meet. That is, for all of us 🙂

You. Schwarzkopf

I guess this video filmed on the grounds of universal maiden dreams. And most importantly — the writing in the end.

Remember all. Stimorol

I can’t believe that this legendary commercials, who know everything, who hails from the 90s, this year 25 years old. And do you remember him?