10 biggest robberies in the world

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After committing the robbery, can not only be pursued by the police, but also to get their portion of fame. Just enough to steal a considerable sum of money, preferably a few million dollars. And then about this crime speak with the media, and thieves will be looking for around the world. Many even dream to commit such a theft, which would have provided gratuitous means to the end of life.

Fortunately, in most cases, more fantasy thing and not go. However, forensic science knows of several cases where people were able to carry out the Heist of a lifetime. These high-profile crimes have become a part of history, only here to avoid a fair justice has not always succeeded.

Jewelry house Harry Winston

10 biggest robberies in the world
Jewelry house Harry Winston is the most popular in Hollywood. At the ceremony “Oscar”, many stars flaunt in a rented jewelry from this manufacturer. With the name Harry Winston connected and one of the most famous robberies in recent history. In 2009, a jewelry boutique on the Champs Elysees in Paris, before closing included 4 armed men. While three of them were dressed in women’s clothes, even wearing wigs. Criminals cleaned the Windows and forced staff to open the vault. The stolen millions they clearly lacked. In the end, the thieves carried out of the store all the jewels. The amount stolen was estimated at 80 million euros. After it became known about the theft, the jewelry house shares immediately fell by 9%.

10 biggest robberies in the world

In June of the same year, French police arrested 25 suspects, they had discovered a piece of jewelry and the proceeds from the sale. The detainees were men and women aged 22 to 67 years. They say that they are working on a major crime cartel “the Pink Panther”. This organization works in many countries of Europe, it was created by immigrants from Yugoslavia. The cartel specialized stealing luxury items but did not scruple to engage in drugs, smuggling, murder. I must say that robbed the boutique robbed and a year before this incident. Then thieves took away jewelry for 10 million euros.

Diamond Heist in Antwerp

10 biggest robberies in the world
Not everyone knows that 80% of all rough diamonds passes through Antwerp. But criminals own this information. The result has been a lot of thefts associated with precious stones. However, this crime stands out from the total, in technique, and taking into account the amount stolen. The trophy was so large that the thieves barely managed to take him out. Of the 160 safe-storage diamond exchange was devastated 123. Came up with an audacious crime, Leonardi Notarbartolo, a thief with 30 years of criminal experience.

10 biggest robberies in the world

The robbery was planned a few years, it was directly involved 4 people. The bandits still 3 years before the theft took office in the same building, and where was the exchange itself. Thanks to the shell company, the attacker gained access to the magnetic key.

Leonardo himself fulfilled the role of merchant of diamonds, by creating a proper reputation. The thief met with potential clients to conclude the deal – and no one thought it was a bogus name. 15 Feb 2003 for the weekend, the attackers taped the camera lens and switched the tapes in the cameras that hid their actions. Although the vault was protected by ten kinds of security technical means, including infrared and magnetic sensors, and a lock with 100 million combinations, the thieves enter it somehow in storage. The police were never able to understand how the bandits were able to circumvent the protection. The thieves slowly cleared almost all safes, to carry all they just couldn’t – the whole floor is strewn with diamonds. The jewels belonged to 70 individuals and organizations.

To investigate joined the best detectives. The next day Leonardo Notarbartolo was arrested. Caught and his accomplices – his wife and a Dutch couple. They had found evidence in a major case. But themselves diamonds in the amount of $ 100 million was never found. Notarbartolo now serving a long term in prison. Interestingly, at trial, he stated that they hired a Jewish merchant, but they stole only part of diamonds worth $ 20 million. By the time thieves-in store part of the safes have already been devastated. Notarbartolo says that he was framed, making the bandits a part of a big fraud with insurance. Police do not believe this version, and later detained three accomplices of thieves.

Bank robbery United California

10 biggest robberies in the world
This story happened in the 1970s. To date, the cost of the stolen is estimated at $ 100 million. In those years it was a record robbery. Robbers from Ohio had 7 people, directed by Emile Dencio. A gang called Laguna Niguel broke into one of the network banks in California United. Thieves quickly cleared out the vault. The exact contents of the vault were unknown, so the amount stolen was able to count only about. In the end, the FBI was able to arrest the robbers, as they are unable to stop and went back on the deal. Later one of the thieves described the incident in the book “Superior”.

British Bank of the Middle East

10 biggest robberies in the world
In the 1970s, the Palestine liberation Organization (PLO) launched an active terrorist activities. The Arabs under the leadership of Yasser Arafat wanted to win a piece of land to live in Palestine. The PLO waged a real war, which required a lot of money. In those years in Lebanon raged a civil war, so the country is in complete chaos. At that time, the militants of the PLO robbed more than ten banks, the most famous of which was the British Bank of the Middle East. The terrorists were able to carry out in the form of gold, currency, shares and jewels $ 25 million. To get to the vault, the thieves even blew up the wall of the Bank. Over the safe worked as specially invited experts from Corsica. Stolen stock were sold back to their owners.

Theft at the airport Schiphol

10 biggest robberies in the world
This diamond Heist is the biggest in history. Then, the thieves were able to steal gems approximately $ 118 million. The exact value of diamonds is hard to say, since many of them were rough. This implies their relative evaluation and additional difficulties in the search.

Although many famous theft differ in subtle design and elegance of execution, in this case, the thieves acted in the forehead. A month before the crime gang of 4 men stole uniforms and a truck. Thus until the very last moment the thieves did not attract attention in a protected area of the airport of Amsterdam. 25 Feb 2005 was supposed to send valuable cargo in Antwerp. In front of all the bandits at gunpoint the driver of the truck, forced to leave. The thieves got into the car with the diamonds and left. Given the fact that the truck was not chosen by chance, the police suspected “leak” of inside information. This was not the first case when the secure terminal of the airport could not resist the criminals. So the owners of the stolen diamonds it is logical to ask questions about the level of protection. Although the investigation and arrested several people, to find the stolen has not yet succeeded.

Knightsbridge Bank

10 biggest robberies in the world
After Valerio Vichai tired of hiding from the police for their 54 armed robbery, in 1986, he moved from his native Italy to the UK. Bandit decided to continue its operations in a new country. He came in Knightsbridge Bank with a request to visit rented there cell. On the way to her Vichai neutralized the guard. The thief helped the Manager, who, because of cocaine addiction was caught in Italian. The vault was hung a sign, that it is not working. The Manager changed guards and disabled the security cameras. The thieves calmly robbed the financial institution, taking with them £ 60 million.

At today’s prices, this amount has tripled.

About the robbery authorities learned only an hour, that was enough time for the thieves to escape from the scene of the crime. The authorities had only a partial print. The Interpol has found out that he belonged Vichai. Valerio managed to escape to Latin America, but all of his confederates in England was arrested. Surprisingly, flair changed to the bandit, he decided to return to England for his beloved “Ferrari” and to monitor its mandrel. Police arrest a daring robber, the court sentenced him to 22 years in prison. Investigators could only recover 10 million, the remaining money ended up somewhere in South America. Coming to freedom, Vichai did not break with the criminal past and was killed in a shootout in 2000, when 45-year-old thief went to his next Bank robbery. The money was not important for him – the robbery and the glory of steel for Viccie kind of drug.

The mysterious thief of Baghdad

10 biggest robberies in the world
In 2007, in Baghdad there was a robbery of a private Bank, “Dar es Salaam”. When employees came to work that morning, they discovered that the door of the establishment opened, the safe was not locked, and all the money had gone out of it. With 282 million dollars disappeared and 3 guard. A huge amount exceeds the budgets of some poor countries. This robbery raises more questions than answers. It is unclear why the Bank was such a huge amount of dollars, not local currency. How the thieves were able to take out so much money without being seen? Perhaps the thieves were assisted by local police, which led them through the guard posts. In the end, the robbers did not manage to catch. I must say that Iraq holds first place in the world for the amount of money that disappears in the course of Bank robberies. Every month there abducted at least $ 1 million.

Boston Museum

10 biggest robberies in the world

March 18, 1990, two men in police uniforms convinced security guards of the Museum of fine arts in Boston, they arrived on scene. Supposedly the alarm went off, so you need to check the halls. Guard contrary to their instructions, let the guests to the Museum. The thieves then put the guards handcuffed and took them to the basement. The bandits even weapons appeared. For the next 81 minutes, the thieves had chosen 12 particularly liked the paintings and took them with film cameras. The amount stolen is estimated at $ 300 million – among the paintings were the works of Vermeer and Rembrandt. The police are unable to find any trace of intruders. However, in 1994 a anonymous offered to return the stolen for the amount of $ 2.6 million in exchange for refusal of further pursuit. However, the continuation of the story with the note and was not. The police can only assume that the robbery was carried out by Amateurs. The fact that they are rather carelessly handled paintings as the most valuable samples remained intact. Today the reward of $ 5 million for any information about the stolen paintings. The authorities even promised not to pursue the new owner.

The theft of the bonds

10 biggest robberies in the world
Robbery in the heart of London would be like on a normal street, if not one “but”. 58-year-old courier John Goddard in your case carrying valuable bonds in the amount of 292 million dollars. These checks belonged to the Bank of the English Treasury, and housing and construction markets. The essence of the bonds that the owner is the one who holds in his hands. In fact, this kind of cash. The Goddard held a knife to her throat and took his briefcase. Over time, police arrested Keith Chisman, who was imprisoned for 6.5 years. By the same crime is called Patrick Thomas, who was found shot in the head. In the end, the police uncovered a gang of thieves, only two of them remained unknown to the authorities. Amazing is the fact that one of the biggest robberies in modern times was committed on the usual dark street with a knife in his hands.

The Central Bank Of Iraq

10 biggest robberies in the world
This is a robbery, again, linked to Iraq, a country where the disappearance of money from the Bank is no surprise. Usually crimes of this kind require careful planning, often need to use force. But in this case the robbery was simple and effective at the same time. The fact that the ruler of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, over time, began to consider the whole country their fiefdom. And the Central Bank of Iraq he perceived as a personal repository of their money. Early on the morning of 18 March 2003, just a few hours before the start of the military campaign against the country in the office of the chief financial Institute appeared the younger son of Saddam Hussein with a close associate of the dictator.

They demanded to give them 900 million dollars and 100 million euros. Instead of documents the couple filed a personal order of Saddam Hussein on the results of the required amount. The bankers decided that the personal instructions of the head of the country to perform better, and not to discuss. The envoys of the dictator refused to inform, why do they need so much money and where they are moved. 2 hours Bank cash shipped, they eventually housed three trucks. Before the start of the day the kidnappers left with a billion dollars. But this amount is equal to a quarter of all foreign exchange reserves of Iraq. Bankers report that informed Hussein and members of his family appealed for cash to the banks, but did so infrequently, and the amount does not exceed $ 5 million. The Americans believe that such an impressive sum required dictator that in case of defeat in the war they are already abroad. However, Hussein was caught and executed, was later killed by his son. And then it was not clear who exactly took the money. The new government was able to find was $ 650 million, they were hidden in a secret place in the Palace of the former leader. The rest of the money was never found. They say that they were taken to Syria.