10 best Christmas commercials of 2016

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The winter holidays are close and the major brands seem to have staged a real battle for the title of the most beautiful commercials.

Christmas commercials are urged to think about gifts

The British Department store chain last year presented a video about the old man, living alone on the moon that Earth girl was sent for a Christmas gift. The spectators appreciated and praised, but lamented that it was too sad a story. So fresh video talks about how, as a dad of one girl gathered the night a trampoline for his little lover to jump in the morning can satisfy their passion. However, first it is noticed and experienced the wild foxes, badgers and squirrels with hedgehogs.

Marks & Spencer

The apparel retail chain Marks & Spencer has decided to show the family life of Santa Claus. In their video, Mrs Santa Claus secretly helps her husband to deliver gifts to children for the holiday. Only she does it not on deer, and with the help of powerful modern-day helicopter. And, returning home, gets on the couch to read the bestseller 50 shades of red.

Heathrow airport

Heathrow airport has released a very cute video. In it two old Teddy bear flying to the grandchildren. They are not accustomed to such long journeys and noticeably nervous. But in the end they meet those for whom everything was started, and on the cheek of a spectator in the final seconds rolls tears of emotion.


Fashion house Burberry presented a very beautiful mini-movie of its founder, in honor of the 160th anniversary of the brand. The tape was called the Tale of Thomas Burberry. He created the company in 1856, invented the world’s first breathable waterproof fabric, outfitted her with special clothes expedition of Roald Amundsen to the South pole, in the First world was made of water-repellent officer’s hat, and has witnessed all the significant events of the twentieth century. The main roles in the mini-movie went to Hollywood to star Donal Gleason, Sienna Miller and Lily James.


In 2015, one of the largest Department stores in the UK presented a video about the mountain-cat who on Christmas eve almost managed to burn down the house of their masters. New mini-musical, the song which sang the well-known comedian James Corden, tells a touching story about Dave the father of a family, eager to get home for the holiday dinner, in the way that there are more and more obstacles. By the way, the stores are already sold gingerbread in the form of Dave (in the video), the proceeds from the sales will go to charity.


Another British network, this time supermarkets, presented fully drawn on the computer movie about bird is the Robin, who is flying home for Christmas dinner, overcoming unthinkable for the crumbs obstacles. But all ends well, it’s Christmas.


One of the UK’s largest online stores has created a video, something reminiscent of the mood of the cartoon Cold heart/Frozen. In this girl on Christmas eve racing around the city, handing over gifts and counter-demonstrating that good deeds toward others, each time becoming more her own heart.


But the German grocery chain chosen for the lead role of a carrot named Kevin. In the night of Christmas day the guy decided that he has all the chances to see Santa Claus when he come to eat a piece of cake. But he accidentally dozed off, and woke beneath him swept, the lights of London, Glasgow and Bristol, and on the neck of a deer pulling a sled with the gray-haired man in a red suit, defiantly rang a bell.


British shopping Mall promises to deliver all orders the same day, and even with an unusual couriers – colored Yeti. Snow people rushing through the city streets at crazy speeds, so no one is left without a gift on the eve of the approaching holiday.


And this store clothes and shoes bet on English short film the Snowman/The Snowman (1982), filmed on the eponymous children’s book writer Raymond Briggs. The cartoon became an integral part of British Christmas culture and is demonstrated every year on TV on Christmas eve. In the current year have considerably grown boy walking with his dog, but then suddenly starts to snow, which brings with it memories of childhood revived and suddenly the snowman.