10 the most amazing pools in the world

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For those who do not know how to swim, even pool depth of 2 meters will cause fear and terror. But on the planet there are the pools, the form of which captures the spirit of the bold and decisive.

Some are striking in their design, some depth and some size. About each of them is written below, but first let’s learn what is the biggest pool in the world.

1. Hotel San Alfonso Del Mar

10 the most amazing pools in the world
The largest pool is located in Chile at the San Alfonso Del Mar. Due to its size (covering an area of 8 hectares, length 1 km, depth – 35 meters) he got into the Guinness Book of records. In this pool performed sailing competitions, and visitors are allowed to ride on boats. Due to the fact that the water pumped from the ocean, it’s salty. It is surrounded by sandy beaches, where every night the sand is heated. In order to maintain the condition of the pool annually spend $ 4 million.

2. Park Hyatt Tokyo

10 the most amazing pools in the world

Japanese hotel Park Hyatt Tokyo boasts no less amazing pool, which is located on the 47th floor overlooking the city. The pool has a glass dome, through which the afternoon sunlight, and at night you can admire the starry sky and glittering lights of the city.

3. The Icebergs

10 the most amazing pools in the world

Third place in the list belongs to Australia. It’s called The Icebergs. Despite the fact that he is not the largest like it in the world where you can swim in the winter. Its founders are the rescue workers, thanks to which it exists more than 80 years. On the opening day of winter season participants, before to start, throw in pool, chunks of ice, and then all together jump into the water. Around the pool is Bondi beach, which makes swimming more enjoyable. Yes, and it should be a fun relatively inexpensive – $ 5 Australia.

Look how nice it is to swim during a storm.

10 the most amazing pools in the world
4. The Neptune Pool

10 the most amazing pools in the world

The next place belongs to the basin of The Neptune Pool, which is located in the California castle Hearst Castle. It was built in the distant 1920, millionaire William Hearst. After several reconstructions the castle remains a Museum visited by tourists and locals. The pool is one of its main attractions. It is surrounded by sculptures and frescoes of Egypt and Rome.

5. The Badeschiff

10 the most amazing pools in the world

Some pools also differ by their originality. One of them is in Germany known as The Badeschiff, which translates to “bathing ship”. This pool was built on an old barge, refitting her. Thanks to this unusual architectural solution, the visitors to the pool in the summer, during the voyage enjoy the panorama of the city, and in the winter when the pool is covered by an awning, they will feel like in a sauna.

6. Hotel Golden Nugget

10 the most amazing pools in the world

For fans of extreme rest will approach the pool at the Golden Nugget (USA, Las Vegas). It consists of three levels and combines the aquarium and the pool. Inside it is a glass tube, being in where you can watch sharks, fish and stingrays.

7. Nemo-33

10 the most amazing pools in the world

In seventh place is the deepest pool in the world. He is in Belgium and is called Nemo 33. Its depth is 33 meters. It was built 7 years, and it took more than 3 million euros. This pool is placed 2 500 000 liters of water. It has caves, scenery and different moves. It is designed specially for professionals.

8. The Alila Ubud Pool

10 the most amazing pools in the world

The next place belongs to the basin of The Pool Alila Ubud, located in Bali. It is located in the tropics and is the ideal place to rejuvenate and relax. Especially to it has the environment.

9. The Gellert Swimming Pool

10 the most amazing pools in the world

The last place is the pools-bath in Hungary, the Gellert Swimming Pool. There are a total of 13 and in each of sulphurous water, which has a healing effect. The water temperature exceeds 40°C.

10. Hotel Pimalai

10 the most amazing pools in the world

And finally, the last place belongs to the basin in Thailand (Pimalai hotel). It is crystal clear water and it is situated 50 meters above sea level.

Several amazing pools

But in the world there are not only the largest in area and the deepest pools, but also the most unusual. Here are some of them:

– Brave the pool. It is located in USA at the hotel “the Joule”. One edge of this pool comes over the edge of the building and despite the fact that it is located on the tenth floor. The protruding portion is made of glass. Thus, swimmers can see through the bottom and a side for pedestrians, vehicles and city streets. Meanwhile, passing by, also can, lifting her head up to admire the swimmers.
26Самые amazing pools in the world

– Precious pool. It is located at an altitude of over 3500 meters on the roof of the hotel in Tibet. He literally expensive because it has fringe of gold bullion.

– Romantic pool. It is located in the Indian hotel Umaid Bhawan Palace. It is designed for lovers of beauty. In this semidarkness, set thousands of candles float in the water rose petals, and in the air spicy flavors.

– High pool. He is in Singapore at the height of 191 meters (roof of the skyscraper). Its length is 146 meters, the volume is about 1500 square meters of water and it took 200,000 tons of steel. It is unique in that it is not as if the names of the borders and the water flows down, but actually these boundaries are below the water level. At the bottom of the pool is a catchment area, so if by negligence you will be “behind” him will not be in danger.

10 the most amazing pools in the world
– A terrible pool. It is located in Thailand and frightening is its appearance. The fact that he’s inside a red-tiled, and the lighting selected so that it seems like the bloody water, although it is generally clear.

10 the most amazing pools in the world
Such wonders there are in the world. Each of these pools is impressive and leaves an unforgettable experience. And those who do not know how to swim, looking at them, admire and always want to learn this is not complicated.