How to save power of energy in pair

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The couple has one energy.

To build a happy relationship, you need to first understand what male energy is different from women’s. And then work for their Association. There is a joke: people who have lived together for years, become so similar to each other that you can diagnose one of them and treat both as health problems they also are the same.

Indeed, when people fall in love, between them is formed the total energy field, the so-called energy pairs, in which two unite into a single whole. The deeper is the interaction between a man and a woman and the more love develops between them, the stronger the power couple and the results it achieves in life.

How is the energy of the pair

On the subtle plane the unity of the two lovers in tandem as follows: both are inside the luminous ball and are connected by numerous beams of light. The stronger the feelings, the brighter glows the field. Blast of love, admiration or tenderness towards the partner is manifested by a flash of light. Negative feelings color the balloon in a dark tone. For example, resentment, getting inside, extinguishes the glow of clean energy and enveloped the ball black. The energy of hate, rage, strikes the ball like lightning, from her blow balloon breaks, and a couple of carries in different directions. Doubts about the partner look like a worm that eats the love from within. Any negative feelings, getting into a pair, destroy its unified field. And any positive experiences filled with the energy of a pair of light, strengthening the bond between partners.

How to save power of energy in pair The Association of lovers can be considered under seven main chakras, each of which corresponds to one aspect of the life of a couple: the first — with the materiality and money, the second with sexuality and creativity, the third — with the “here and now”, the fourth with spiritual love, fifth — communication and understanding, the sixth — with the idea of the perfect partner, the seventh — with the Union at the level of spirit. If the interaction goes through all the chakras, the pair closed and her energy has the power that fills both. In fact, most often we observe that two even live together in a pair are not merged. For example, the girl financially support the parents, daily communication (communication at the throat chakra) occurs to a greater extent with a friend or colleague, in her heart, she dreams about a perfect man, and the whole heart sends love to the child. With the man of her associates at best lovemaking and relationship with him are held on the second chakra. And if there is no lovemaking, they live as neighbors, and the energy of pairs of them does not exist.

Male and female energy in the pair

The unified field is itself in a period of mutual love and supported further in partnership. Pair strength develops when both invest and support yourself and your partner. The fundamental here is that each contributes according to his nature: man is masculine, woman is feminine. For example, if a woman starts to develop a masculine energy and show yourself a man, then she, while living alone may not feel anything wrong. However, if she behaves while in the pair, then her man is nothing else but behave like a woman. As well and male. Being alone, he can be soft and sensitive, but in a couple he will need to show the male energy, for example determination, the ability to react quickly, take responsibility. Otherwise, all these qualities will be forced to show his other half.

In General, the paired man is responsible for the materiality, and the female for the world of feelings and the atmosphere of relations. Accordingly, the material of chakra at the man giving the woman a taker and heart have women giving, men taking. It is the law of nature, and his need to understand.

The female energy. The world of the senses

A woman’s heart is an endless space of love in which there is room for all who she wants there to let them in. A woman with a developed heart chakra is easy to love. To do this, it does not have to make efforts to persuade themselves and even more to make. When a woman says that she’d love to love, but no one, it means that the heart chakra she has not disclosed. In our days a woman who loves and happy in his love, rarity. Most of the heart chakra is blocked, so love them hard. Someone did not found a suitable object of love, who, hardly entered a loving relationship, disappointed and instead of the joy of love feels the hurt and sadness, with the result that love becomes real suffering. In fact interfere feel the love of the common people, and the blocks in the heart chakra of the woman.

Modern girls will easily admit to his body, however are afraid to let someone into your heart. They are afraid to love because you’re afraid to make a mistake, to be deceived, to be mistaken, to be left with nothing, look like a complete fool, to lose time in vain and whatnot. So warm and cordial relations does not add up. Fear covers everything and does not occur even love, is not something that is a great feeling. Often, in order to begin to love a man, girls expect the first step will do it: offer to get married, get divorced from a previous wife, buy an apartment and take anything else, confirming his intentions. Then, they say, can no love, no fear. Many still live in waiting. The man does not move, because it feels from a woman love, a woman loves, because he is afraid. There is a vicious circle.

How to save power of energy in pair

Whether from woman’s love, a man can realize not only the heart but of the mind and analyzing the events of his life. If you look around, you will notice that men always choose women who ignite, inspire, alongside whom they want to act, something to strive for, something to achieve. And you, of course, well known, some energetic, impetuous and enterprising is the man in the beginning of a romance, when love between people is only in its infancy. The desire to act is the main sign that a man sent a woman’s love. For men to be in love means to be in action.

By and large, the love of a woman need a man precisely in order to have the strength to act and move forward. This happens automatically, of course. The energy of love causes a man burst of energy and a natural desire to act. Love for man is the life force, with which he creates physicality.

The man I love, very active: he has the desire and the strength to move, he comes the possibility, it is a clear upswing in business. Conversely, the man cannot be move to tear away from the TV or out of the house, is a man without power who are not receiving the right “dose” of love.

The male energy. Materiality

Every man an opportunity to create something given by nature, but not everyone can use it. The main blocks on the material the chakra of men connected with the energy of fear. The task of men is to understand your fears, get rid of them and to act no matter what. Implement a materiality, to be able to earn money you need to man. For anybody not a secret that the man feels good only when it is implemented, it is claimed, is able to earn and provide for themselves and their families.

For women the main thing is the ability to accept what poses for her partner. The woman, and she may earn, but the championship in the family, to provide better man. Although the girls think that they are the two hands for that man earned and provided, on their internal setup is often configured on the reverse.

Here are the most common models that prevent this:

• I can earn money, do not want to depend on anyone;

• I want to be better men, can’t allow that, he seemed better than me (smarter, more capable, more successful, etc.);

• to be dependent on the men shame, the need to strain and earn;

• I want to control a man, that he depended on me.

All these models lead to the fact that the man in a pair or can not earn, or earns, but is not sending the money in a couple.

In a pair of interaction partners in the first chakra lies in the fact that materiality is shared. If the pair is shorted at the first chakra, this unity is expressed in two main aspects: the most part of earned means a man puts into his a couple of (rather than helping relatives or friends) and the woman, in turn gets most of the money through his man (and not taking money from parents or other men and not forced to earn my own money). If it is not, then, the flow of energies at the level of the first chakra is blocked in the pair and each of the partners decides the issue of materiality on its own outside of the pair.

How to save power of energy in pair

Partnership means an equal exchange of energies. We are not talking about equality of the sexes, because men and women are by nature different energy, they cannot be compared and cannot be equal. Each is important in its own sphere, and to fight for the championship does not make sense. Instead of fighting need to come to the interaction that enriches both. In this case, both win. People choose what will be their couple — battlefield or space for development, love and success.