The owner tells the dog that it is time to take medication. His reaction is something!

A dog named Denver again stormed the Internet with their hilarious antics. This Golden Labrador is still incredibly fun!

Recently this dog has been prescribed medicinal ear drops, and at first glance it becomes clear that she’s not a fan of this procedure. When the owner tells Denver that it’s time to be treated, the reaction of the dog on his words just defies description! Denver is behaving like a spoiled child — he turns away, making funny faces and frowns.

However, the owner of Denver, though, and laughs, but continues to insist on treatment, so the dog is desperate trying to show their teeth in an attempt to avoid the “torment” of ear drops.

In the background, hear patiently the owner persuades his dog. Here is what he says: “Denver, I know you don’t want a cure was in your ears, but you have to do it!” However, the dog shows its fangs again, and then its owner literally burst out laughing. “Oh my God, look at that face!” — he exclaims.

Don’t worry, Denver! Everything will be fine! Although it was a pretty good attempt to avoid medication, but, of course, the host will continue the treatment, because he knows that this remedy will ease the pain of his pet.

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