One of the most effective rules for those who want have time to do everything!

Rule 9 cases. Plan no more than 9 cases during the day — 1 important that you need to spend most of the time, 3 minor, simple and 5 very small.

One of the most effective rules for those who want have time to do everything!

How it works

One of the most effective rules for those who suffer from the inability to plan their Affairs properly, the so — called rule 1-3-5. Under this rule, you need to plan not more than 9 cases per day. Thus, will be able to perform 4 very important things to do and might have time for 5 small (about which, however, do not forget) — for example, pick up dry cleaning jacket or pay bills.

Unfortunately, the preparation of todo-lists is not a panacea for those who have problems with the execution of the Affairs of the time or their performance at all. The difficulty can be that the list is too large or unstructured. In this case, the rule 1-3-5 — a great solution to the problem. There is also a similar rule 3 2, but by and large it is only variations of one and the same way to organize their tasks and scheduled time on them (you can even make your own system: 1-2-3, 2-4-9 and so on to infinity depending on your lifestyle and the number of cases that have to perform daily).

This rule works because it helps to prioritize and split time intervals between cases depending on their importance. It also helps in case of unforeseen changes to the day schedule or the sudden appearance of important things easy to understand, to move and with what delay is not worth it.

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