The oldest flight attendant in the world showed their working day

Look like weekdays, 80-year-old flight attendants.

American TV channel CNN found, perhaps, the oldest flight attendant in the world. Bette Nash is 80 years old, nearly 60, she works as a flight attendant. At the moment the woman working in American Airlines.

It tells a happy flight attendant, she dreamed of becoming a flight attendant as a teenager. The first airline where she began to work, became Eastern Airlines – it was November 4, 1957. Now this company is gone, but Bette says what flights were before. According to her, air travel was a luxury, passengers were served a full lunch. Why work harder then you need to walk through the cabin with heavy trays. Today in commercial aviation all became much easier. For example, early information about flights wrote on chalkboards, and all instructions were provided in printed form. But times have changed, and all Beth also loves his job and passengers.

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