List of best business books by “Forbes”!

A good book can change a life. gathered for you a selection of the top 10 business books according to “Forbes”.

1. “Rules Of Steve Jobs. Universal principles of success from the leader of Apple” Carmine Gallo.

2. “Benetton. Family, business and brand” — Jonathan Mantle

3. “Business is business. Don’t give up!” — A. Soloviev

4. “My life, My achievements” — Henry Ford

5. “Leadership formula” — USIM M.

6. “Giants of business” — Richard Tedlow

7. “The path of silicon valley” — Elton B. Sherwin

8. “That rascal Ballmer” — Frederick A. Maxwell

9. “Bill Gates Says” — Janet Lowe

10. “Ideas in a million. If you’re lucky — two” — Bocharsky K.