It revealed the secret of deja vu phenomenon

Everyone had this strange feeling of deja vu. One of the professors in Scotland, says: “Deja vu – it’s like glitch in the matrix. Like on your computer an error occurred and the brain checks own status.

It revealed the secret of deja vu phenomenon

To check this phenomenon, scientists have developed a series of experiments trying to artificially induce this feeling. Ten participants in the experiment heard a chain of words linked by a single General. For example: “bed”, “pillow”, “pajamas”, “night”.

The scientist asked several times if they had heard the word “sleep”? And people began to think that heard. Because that word fits well in a logical chain. At this point they began to experience a feeling of deja vu.

It revealed the secret of deja vu phenomenon

Scientists monitor the reactions in the brain experimental. And it turned out that the brain is not involved participants with memories, but only used the part which is responsible for decision-making.

The brain monitors our memory and searches it for errors. As soon as he hits the irregularity, we immediately activated a feeling it’s happened before.


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