Israeli scientists have figured out how to eat desserts and lose weight

Scientists from tel Aviv have made a discovery that waited so long sweet tooth all over the world. It appears, to part with excess weight does not have to eliminate from your diet sweets. You need only eat them at the right time of day.

To prove this incredible assertion, a team of doctors conducted an interesting experiment. 193 patient suffering from excess weight, were divided into two groups. The first group ate a moderate Breakfast value 300 kcal, and the second was fed a breakfast of 600 calories that included dessert. The number consumed per day of calories in both groups was the same.

8 months after starting the diet all participants lost 15 lbs. But after 8 months the unexpected happened. The people from that group that I got a sweet tooth for Breakfast, lost about 7 kg, and those who had Breakfast in moderation, is not only not dropped a single pound but have gained 10 or more. Thus, at the end of the experiment the sweet-lovers have lost at least 20 kg, and all the rest — hardly more than 5.

Here’s how it commented on Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz: “Those who followed a low-carb diet I was constantly hungry, I forced them to RAID the refrigerator and eat at the wrong time. And those who were allowed to eat the sweet, were not inclined to break the diet. Best time for dessert is in the morning when our metabolism is faster”.