It electric bed dumps out of bed people who can’t Wake up

Well, all the science got to you, hard-core Sony fans to luxuriate in bed after the alarm clock has several times been put on “repeat”. Crazy inventor Colin furze invented a completely unique and even provocative thing: electric bed that won’t wait a single second once it’s time to Wake up under the furious roar of sirens and car horns it will literally throw you out of bed and forced to go to wash!

As it usually happens with mad geniuses, the new model was almost completely assembled in the garage of furze, with conventional compressors and pistons, which raise the bed at the appointed time.

Colin furze simple as a plumber before becoming a show about the most incredible gadgets and inventions — Gadget Geeks show on the channel Sky1. The idea of creating a bed he received from his subscribers on YouTube, and not slow with its implementation. And this is what came of it!

When the time comes to stand up, this bed won’t wait for you to sleep just a little longer electric bed with the alarm clock will throw you out of bed.

She’ll just kick you out of bed the roar of sirens and car horns

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