How to create a 3D hologram smartphone

Did you know that using your smartphone can create a real hologram?

You will be able to view videos in 3D, if you use the instructions posted on the web one of the users YouTube Mrwhosetheboss. It is a simple device, being combined with a certain kind of video will create the illusion that you are watching the floating 3D image!

All you will need for this, — from the old CD box, a sharp knife, some tape (Scotch), a sheet in the box, pencil and ruler. Following the tip, to create this device — a matter of minutes.

The video you will see using this invention, will be reflected from all four sides of your new device, so it will look like a floating 3D hologram.

Unfortunately, however, it really will not be a real 3D hologram, because it is based will still 2D image converted by this device. While to create a true 3D hologram, using modern technology with the splitting of the laser beams.

However, in order to please your pet including a magic will fit perfectly. Try it and you!