Cocktails for Halloween: TOP 5 recipes

Halloween is the mystical holiday of autumn. have collected for you today a compilation of the best cocktail recipes for Halloween for every taste.

1. Cocktail Jack-lantern

Ingredients: 30 ml brandy 45 ml orange juice,15 ml ginger ale 15 ml of orange liqueur, a slice of orange, slice of lime

Preparation: Mix all ingredients in a shaker. Pour in a glass of suitable shape. Horizontally from the top to put a slice of orange. Of lime to make the tail of the pumpkin.

Cocktails for Halloween: TOP 5 recipes
2. Black Martini for Halloween

Ingredients: 100 ml gin or vodka, 15 ml brandy on black currant or black raspberry liqueur, black olive for decoration, salt and food coloring for decoration.

Preparation: Pour the ingredients into a shaker with ice, shake, pour into chilled glass, garnish with olive. The edge of the glass to decorate pre-tinted salt.

Cocktails for Halloween: TOP 5 recipes

3. Blood-red punch on Halloween

Ingredients: 3 cups fresh cranberry juice, 3 cups sparkling water,1 Cup puree of frozen berries, 1 Cup crushed ice, honey or sugar to taste

Preparation: In a glass container for punch combine cranberry juice, sparkling water, berry puree and ice. Mix well. Punch pour into 8 glasses.

In order to make the ice in Halloween style, place in ice cube trays plastic spiders or bugs, fill them with water and freeze. Put a few ice cubes into glasses and pour blood-red punch.

Cocktails for Halloween: TOP 5 recipes

4. Cocktail Blood Of Dracula

Ingredients: 60 ml vodka,120 g of tomato juice, ½ tsp grated horseradish, a few drops of Tabasco sauce.

Preparation: the Edges and walls of glass to decorate with streams of blood. Put in a glass of ice, pour vodka, add grated horseradish, hot sauce and tomato juice. Mix well.

Cocktails for Halloween: TOP 5 recipes
5. Creepy cocktail screwdriver

Ingredients: 45 ml black vodka, ½ Cup orange juice, ¼ Cup of ice.

Preparation: In a tall glass pour ice, add juice. The blade of the knife or by using a teaspoon carefully add the black vodka, trying not to mix the layers.

Cocktails for Halloween: TOP 5 recipes