Children’s version of “Kill Bill”. You should see THIS!

Director from Montreal shot remake of the trailer of the movie “Kill bill”. The author of the video — Patrick Boivin suggested a children’s version of the story Tarantino, giving the main role to his young son, writes Yahoo News.

On a video called “Dragon Baby” baby named Romeo Elvis Belt Boivan in the famous yellow jumpsuit Uma Thurman fights with a black plush dragon. In a series of non-trivial techniques of martial arts, the child wins over a toy top, of the bloodthirsty ripping from her chest a piece of printed material.

According to 38-year-old father, the short film is a tribute to the masterpiece of Quentin Tarantino and Hong Kong film of Robert Clause “enter the dragon” and its main character, Bruce Lee. Video “Dragon Baby”, with duration a little over a minute was posted on Youtube on November 2 and has already collected almost 12 million views.