The best parable on how to keep a happy family

One day a young man asked a wise man:

— How do you get to save the family fortune? You and your wife never quarrel, all respect you and coming to you for advice. What is the secret?

The sage smiled and called his wife. Entered the room smiling and beautiful woman. She seems to be his whole appearance radiated happiness:

— Yes, dear!

— Honey, make, please, the dough for the pie.

— Well!

She left and 20 minutes later came to tell you that the dough is ready.

— Add the melted butter the best of our stock. And all those nuts that we left the birthday cake for our son.


And again she came after 10 minutes and my husband said:

Put in our yard and clay. And then bake.

“Okay,” said his wife.

And after half an hour in her hands was this strange cake.

— Of course, we won’t eat it! — said the husband. — Give it to the pigs on the street.

“Okay,” said his wife.

The guest was in shock. Is this possible? Not one word against it, did everything my husband said.

Even when he offered an absurd thing.

And the man decided to repeat the experiment at home. When he entered, he immediately heard the laughter of his wife. Together with my friends wife playing a Board game.

— The wife! — turned to her man.

I’m busy! — angrily shouted from the bedroom spouse.

— The wife!

10 minutes later she appeared:

— What do you need?

— Put the dough!

— You’re crazy! The house is full of food, and I have things to do!

— Put the dough, I say!

Half an hour later the wife angrily said that the dough is ready.

Put in the best all nuts and melted butter.

— You’re crazy! The day after my sister’s wedding, and these nuts are needed for the pie!

— Do as I say!

My wife puts in the dough is only part of the nut, and then again went to her husband.

— Now add in the dough of clay.

— You’re all out of your mind? So many products translated in vain?

— Add the clay, I say! And then bake.

An hour later, the wife brought the cake and threw it on the table:

— I very much want to see how you are going to have!

And I won’t eat it — take a pie to the pigs!

— You know, — was indignant wife then himself go and feed his pigs!

He slammed the door and went to his room. A few days later she laughed at her husband when all of this story.

And then the guest decided to return to the sage:

Why? Why you did it and your wife did as you said and my a scandal and is still laughing at me? — he asked already at the door.

— It’s simple. I do not quarrel with her, and not in command. I’m protecting her and it makes her calm. My wife — the key to my happiness.

— What am I supposed to look for another wife?
Is the easiest way, which will lead you to the saddest results. You and your wife need to learn to respect each other. And you as a man should be the first to do everything to make her happy.

— Yes, I already do everything for her!

Is she happy? Are you happy? After all, you created a family to love each other, care for and enjoy together. Instead, swear, share the primacy and discussing each other…

In the evening I walked the man home. Along the way, he saw a beautiful rose Bush. Exactly like the roses he once sought her hand. Every day gave one twig of roses. At any time of year… When the last time he gave her these flowers? He could not remember.

He picked a sprig and brought it home. The house have all slept. He didn’t want to disturb the wife and just put the flowers at her bedside.

In the morning he for the first time in years, waiting for Breakfast. And a beautiful wife with shining eyes. He hugged her and kissed her gently, as once many years ago.

He stopped doing unimportant chores, more time was given to his wife and tried to make her happier. His attention and care, tenderness and love returned to him multiplied many times. The wife stopped going home “hit and miss”, again began to prepare for him meals, they ceased to swear, and he’s fine…

Several years passed and one day the door of his house knocked on the young man.

— I heard that your relationship with your wife is a model for others. And I have nothing. With his wife quarrel all the time, she spends all the money, constantly arguing… what is the secret? I have read so many books, but none helped me…

The owner smiled and said:

— Come in, dear guest. My wife is going to bake a pie…