15 autumn make-up collection 2016

Fighting the autumn Blues, subscribe to the accounts of the trendsetters in the field of makeup: makeup major cosmetic brands know how to paint autumn.

Likestory.net to share with you the results of their labors

15 autumn make-up collection 2016

Lucia Peak met expectations around the world. Especially those whose favorite color is red. The long-awaited debut collection of international designer Chanel color and makeup collection all shades of that color. Blush, lipstick, Rouge, Rouge Allure and Rouge Allure Velvet, lipsticks, waterproof eyeliners Stylo Yeux  Waterproof, mascara and even shadows Dimensions De Chanel all of them are colors of passion, sometimes with added chocolate or lilac.


15 autumn make-up collection 2016

Creative Director for Dior makeup Peter Philips introduced its version of art contouring. The Skyline collection is everything and more. Concealer Luminizer Flash removes signs of fatigue. Color correctors Fix It Colour solve local problems: pigmentation, redness, dullness. Using double-stick sculpturing Diorblush Light easy to sculpt Contour the perfect oval face. Smallest grinding powder Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer illuminates the skin.

The main beauties of the collection is the shadow palette 5 Couleurs whose print repeating geometric lacework of the Eiffel tower. Two color scales reflect light and dark shades of autumn Parisian sky. Glossy new shades of mono eyeshadow Diorshow Mono Lustrous Smoky is a lesson Straubing for the eyes. Water-resistant liner Diorshow Pro Liner is presented in unusual grey-brown shade. For the effect of a thick natural eyebrows wax pencil Diorshow Brow Chalk. The last step is to choose a shade of lipstick or Dior Addict lip gloss, Dior Addict Gloss and manicures one of the four noble complex shades.


15 autumn make-up collection 2016
All of habit like summer, and Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are crazy about autumn. Of course, if you spend it in Sicily. Not fading and not fading nature of the Mediterranean gave their colors collection Wild About Fall. Shades of the autumn forest and ripe berries worn on eyes, cheeks, lips and nails. Not individually and immediately.

15 autumn make-up collection 2016

All three products, and the way the runway is ready. For this creative Director of makeup Giorgio Armani Linda Cantello invented liquid tint-highlighter eyeshadow Eye Tint of champagne color and the lipstick Rouge d Armani lavender-beige shade. And the main “model” was the Armani Runway palette with transparent powder and three types of shadows. Cover this season is decorated with silk muslin with floral print, like the dresses from the collection Giorgio Armani autumn-winter 2016/17.

15 autumn make-up collection 2016

Paris can devote, anything from the names of desserts to shades of makeup products. But if it is taken to brand with French soul and a residence in Paris, the result is not to be missed. In the palette Saint-Germain under one cover assembled to the base age, six eyeshadows, two hidden under the silver buckle liner and a dual ended eyeshadow applicator. Of particular interest are the lip pencil Le Crayon Parisian Lips. Unlike the others, they need to draw a clear outline. On the one hand he has a shining translucent balm with other opaque pigment. Another exclamation: “I need this! Urgent! Give me two!” raise a blush-colony Cushion Blush Subtil in new shades.

All products are embellished by the iconic Sonia Rykiel stripes or many icons painted by the artist Andre.

15 autumn make-up collection 2016

Bright lips and shadows a combination of incongruous in the best traditions of the freedom-loving 70s. the Main colors: emerald, purple, hot pink and orange. They meet in the collector’s palette Couture Collector Palette (outside and inside), in the form of a liquid resistant eye shadow Full Metal Shadow effect “brushed metal” tubes with matte lipsticks Rouge Pur Couture The Mats and oil tint Volupté Tint-In-Oil and of course, on the nails. By the way, creative Director makeup YSL Beauté, Lloyd Simmonds recommends diluted plum manicure one green fingernail. To not have this problem.

15 autumn make-up collection 2016

This fall, Guerlain have everything quickly and clearly. The collection includes palettes for eyes, black liner and two new shades of lipstick KissKiss. Perhaps the only difficulty is to choose one of the six palettes. Every five shades that are lined on the principle degrade: brightening and leveling base, two tranquil shades and two intense. Different combining liner, eye shadow and lipstick, easy to create an infinite number of images for every day and special evening.

15 autumn make-up collection 2016

Superheroine, attention! This collection is for you. Creative Director of Givenchy makeup, Nicolas Degen kept in mind the images of Catwoman, Xena warriors, and even Mary Poppins, but wanted to please us. The star of the collection literally have become shadows Le Prisme Superstellar. For eyes released a mascara with a brush-ball Phenomen’ Eyes beautiful green color plus blue and silver liner Vinyl Liner. To lips and nails too, the focus. After all, super heroines not afraid of anything, including being the center of attention.

15 autumn make-up collection 2016

In the autumn collection of Tom Ford only two products, but they are worthy of attention. Dior contour Lip Contour Duo it was love at first sight. One side has a thin stylus, on the other hand, the lipstick. With their help it is easy to adjust the shape of the lips, to add volume or to create an Ombre effect. Each of the eight shades I want to try immediately. And any of them combined with cream shadows Cream Color for Eyes. Limited edition platinum and Golden-pink shades hanging in there and light the eyelids a metallic luster.

15 autumn make-up collection 2016

Before the whole world learned about the secrets of Korean beauties, Estee Lauder was sure: “the Shining is the basis of beauty.” In confirmation of these words the brand Estée Lauder released a collection of Genuine Glow multifunction skin care and makeup to give the skin an inner glow. A total of five sticks-vyruchalochka. Fat-free balm with SPF 15 balm for the skin moisturize and prepare the skin for makeup application and give a hint. The name of the cream glow for the face and for eyelid speaks for itself. Cream blush stick for cheeks and lips, and tint for lips complete the makeup in the style of “my skin but better”. With daily use formula with herbal extracts and antioxidants to wash the skin all the errors.

15 autumn make-up collection 2016

Clarins autumn issue is devoted to the eyes. Three palettes eyeshadow 4 Couleurs Palette and mascara. Serious concentration of mineral pigments guarantees the same rich color on the skin, as in the case. Shades can be used individually or in combination with each other, to apply them dry or wet. The result will be different each time but equally stunning. Mascara Volume Supra dual action increases the volume of eyelashes not only visually, but actually in just a month.


15 autumn make-up collection 2016
Makeup goddess Bobbi brown is celebrating the 25th anniversary of his brand. As is usual in such cases, the birthday girl not only takes, but gives gifts. We all get a collection City. Makeup artist dedicated it to three of their favorite cities: new York, London and Paris. The result was a trio of exclusive palettes for the face, composed of blush and four eyeshadows, limited colors the legendary gel eyeliner Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner with engraved gold caps and lipstick Luxe Lip Color in a new shade of Bobbi. For the design and mood met the famous American Illustrator Richard Haines.

15 autumn make-up collection 2016

Makeup for office, makeup for a date, and now and makeup for bowling. If so decided in MAS, we can only obey, and rejoice in the diversity of new products, colors and finishes. Old product collection It’s a Strike became cool powder Pearlmatte Face Powder can be used separately as a highlighter, eyeshadow and blush. However, blush also have unexpected dusty purple and nodoby. Powder complements the whole army mast-havov. Six shades of eye shadow Eye Shadow (matte espresso to satin lime) and three variants of the marker Pen Fluidline (black, brown, blue) for eyes. For lips seven shades of lipstick Lipstick (from gold to matte red) and five Cremesheen Glass glosses (fuchsia sequins to chocolate-purple). And the nails are encouraged to paint in the colors of lime sorbet, coffee and wine, two shades of blush Casual Colour. Strike and like!

15 autumn make-up collection 2016

François NARS recalls the 70s. At this time, nostalgia was the basis for the collection Powerfall. Already turned nine eyeliners Velvet Eyeliner (from mother of pearl to turquoise), with which smoky eyes will do not only makeup artists. Mono-shade Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow is ideal for creating effect. The contrast of matte lips, traced with a pencil-lipstick Velvet Matte Lip Pencil. Finally, the palette for contouring Contour Blush, where do without it.


15 autumn make-up collection 2016

Autumn French brand Chantecaille offers to think about the lions. You will remember every time I open a limited palette Protect the Lions Eye Palette. The king of the beasts painted in the colors of Africa: red earth, shimmering Sands, stone plateau. Nice bonus is the Pride Cheek blush Shade with a pink lion. Important — 5% of the proceeds from the sale of this will be handed over to The Lion Guardians. The collection is complemented by three new shades of lipstick with vitamins and eyeliner Luster Glide Silk Infused Eye Liner color amethyst.

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