8 things that will make you happy right now

Universal rules of the fight against melancholy.

Perhaps become a happy person is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Enough to change your attitude to some things and begin to live without regard for the opinions of others — that is your pleasure. And to learn how to do it as soon as possible, sufficient daily follow these simple rules.


Instead of everyday waking up in the morning with a bad mood and depressing thoughts about the upcoming working day, get up early to admire the dawn. Scientists have long proved that the contemplation of the beauty of nature has on the human psyche calming effect and gives positive energy. Moreover, in these moments you will have the opportunity to plan for the next day and safely proceed to its implementation.

8 things that will make you happy right now


It is not necessary all the time to think about what will happen to you tomorrow or where you will be in a few years. Learn to enjoy the moment where you are right now. This will give you the opportunity to look at your life completely on the other side, and you will begin to notice something that previously never paid attention. For example, how well one sometimes to go to the cinema to watch the movie that you want. Moreover finally, you can take a bucket of popcorn and eat it completely, without fear of the prying eyes of a friend.

8 things that will make you happy right now


There is nothing that does not negatively impact on the human psyche as unfinished business. Especially when you consider that over time, the situation usually escalates, and you are all more difficult to proceed with their implementation. So just do what is right. Believe me, it only seems that the finish of the hated monthly report simply impossible to sit down and do without many words and whining. And after the case you will feel an incredible surge of strength and pride in themselves. It is no wonder that Lermontov’s novel “Hero of our time” and claimed: “Happiness is a rich pride.”

8 things that will make you happy right now


If you know what to move on to a happy life is not, try to immerse yourself into the world of pleasant emotions. For example, start to read some action-Packed novel in the spirit of “the Night porter” by Irwin Shaw. No sad stories about unrequited love and other dramas: reading gives you the opportunity to train yourself to think in a positive way.

8 things that will make you happy right now


Can’t get rid of the negativity and constantly replaying the same situation? Transfer your emotions on paper. So not only will you be able to get rid of them, but perhaps you will find the right solution. Because the notebook is not a friend who can impose his vision of the issue. The leaves are impartial and are willing to endure anything.

8 things that will make you happy right now


What could be more positive than singing a couple of songs in unison with your favorite performer. And for this you do not need to pre-buy tickets to his concert, or to book a table at the karaoke bar, simply rotate the knob to the right to the maximum and start to sing a familiar melody. By the way, actor James Corden is not even ashamed to make this entertainment the main source of their income.


Yes, hard work schedule to do it quite difficult. But let yourself at least once a week to get out of bed for the alarm. Just do not forget that after waking up we shouldn’t be in bed longer than 20 minutes, so you don’t feel sluggish then and broken.


Travel to overseas countries to dream is not necessary and to well-deserved vacation is still far away? Then go on to explore the city in which you live: it apps offering excursions online, now divorced unbelievable variety. New experiences can give you a modicum of happiness, and a couple of hours in the fresh air will not be superfluous.

8 things that will make you happy right now

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