8 sandwiches that you can eat without fear of fat

Turkey and shrimp, with mozzarella and cream cheese, with mango and grapes, show you how to make toast for every taste for Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Toast with mango and Greek yogurt

8 sandwiches that you can eat without fear of fat206 calories

Ripe mango, Greek yogurt, a couple of Basil leaves, whole wheat bread is all you need for a quick and healthy Breakfast or snack. Unusual taste so you will like it that you want to start your day only with this toast.

Toast with Apple and peanut butter

8 sandwiches that you can eat without fear of fat239 calories

This toast can afford it before hard workout or run. Spread bread with a thin layer of peanut butter cut the slices of Apple and top with a garnish of dried cranberries.

Toast with hummus and olives

8 sandwiches that you can eat without fear of fat200 calories

We are against diets, but among all the existing (and as you know, a lot of them) there is one that has recognized itself healthy. And it Mediterranean. So if you follow such a diet, toast with hummus and olives perfectly meets all the rules of this diet. A combination of hummus (the recipe you can find here), olives and arugula (must be added after the olives on top) is not only delicious, but also useful — all the products are rich in fiber, the right fats and potassium.

Toast with avocado and peas

8 sandwiches that you can eat without fear of fat197 calories

This toast is perfect for those who are watching their figure, and for those who builds up the muscles. Avocado contains healthy fats and peas — known source of protein. Mash avocado with a fork, spread it on toast, put the peas (but not canned), season with salt, black pepper, add some chili peppers (flakes).

Toast with shrimps

8 sandwiches that you can eat without fear of fat203 calories

This toast is impossible not to fall in love — avocado, juicy prawns and fresh herbs. You’ll definitely enjoy it. About avocado you already know everything, seafood also provides a considerable amount of iodine, protein and omega-3 fatty acids; green, in turn — all the necessary vitamins and micro elements. For a bright citrus flavor toast, you can sprinkle with lemon juice.

Toast with grapes

8 sandwiches that you can eat without fear of fat205 calories

If we did not know the number of calories you’d have thought that there are a lot of them: after all, peanut butter and grapes — not the lightest products. But despite this, to start your day with this sweet sandwich is definitely worth it — it will give you energy and strength. Spread the bread first, the peanut butter, then Greek yogurt, and on top put the halves of grapes.

Toast “Caprese”

8 sandwiches that you can eat without fear of fat175 calories

If you love Caprese salad, and a toast in Italian style you will love. As a salad, a sandwich is prepared very simply — you must slice the mozzarella, the tomatoes, put them on the toast, drizzle with balsamic vinegar and add the Basil. Ready!

Toast with Turkey

8 sandwiches that you can eat without fear of fat191 calories

Cream cheese, crunchy cucumber and thin slices of Turkey — a perfect example of the sandwich that can not only satisfy your hunger (Turkey contains lots of protein), but also to affect its taste. On top of the toast generously, you can decorate any greens, such as arugula. All the ingredients are simple and probably many of you have in the fridge, but together they will delight your taste buds and stomach.

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