70-year-old woman struck the judges by felling their TALENT!

70-year-old Japanese woman Tomoko has been living in Italy. A few days ago this woman decided to try their hand at the local version of the talent show. When the judges saw the fragile beauty in a kimono, I immediately tuned in to an unusual sight.

That’s only one of the spectators did not even know what it will be. When elegant cylinder rice paper rose, demonstrating to the world a metal pole, the audience froze in disbelief. After a few seconds, the audience unanimously roared with delight! Play the video on 2:23, and see for yourself why people came in the rapture.

Unbelievable but true — at 70 years old Tomoko is a proud figure of a young girl. Well, the pirouette, old Japanese woman easily performs pole will be able to repeat only a few young dancers.