6 steps to look confident

1. Don’t slouch

Most modern guys love to slouch. No wonder you parents told you not to slouch and keep your back straight. It can be difficult, but when we should start. Sitting, standing and walking keep your back straight. Take for a habit to take the shoulders back and not to embarrass her chest. You’ll be surprised how great you look.

2. The direction of gaze

Do not look down is a sign of an insecure person. Talking to a person, don’t look away to the side or down. Look at the source. Approximately in the area between the eyes and mouth.

6 steps to look confident

3. No worries

Most people tend to give in to a panic and start to fuss. People don’t stand still, twitching, gesticulating actively, shakes his hand or foot. Any vibration or movement looks panic. This nervousness immediately visible, and the man looks ridiculous and funny.

4. A firm handshake

There is nothing more disgusting than to shake hands with limp and frail hand. The strength of the handshake are judged on strength of character. Stretching the palm perpendicular to the floor, not palm up (asking) or down (patronizing). Shake hand firmly and confidently, but do not overdo it. (see How to become stronger)

5. Watch the speech

Dimension keep it and watch your diction. Take your time, don’t swallow words, do not go to the high notes. The voice should sound confident, toughness and character.

6 steps to look confident

6. Appearance

Negligence and carelessness can turn a bad joke. If you look bad, unkempt, badly dressed, what kind of confidence can there be? Presentable makes the image of a man and allows you to feel at ease.

By following these simple rules, you’ll look confident and strong as heroes of the cold war. And even cooler!

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