5 tips how to survive the winter

Four of the saddest months of the year ‒ November, December, January and February. Because of the lack of sunlight at this time many of us deteriorating mood, there is apathy, drowsiness… Five ideas that will help you to avoid losses.

It is possible for someone late autumn and winter romantic evenings by the fireplace, long walks in the woods and cooking warming dishes. But 20% of men and women every winter morning is a struggle with the blanket, pouring yourself gallons of caffeine and uncontrolled eating of sweets, to somehow boost my energy. “Because of the lack of light, our body literally goes into hibernation, writes psychologist David Servan-Schreiber, – weaken the vital instincts (hunger and sexual desire) and even curiosity and desire to learn new things faileth.” The five best ideas that will help you survive this winter.

1. Use the right alarm clock

When the sun rises, its light growing gradually reduces the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. That is, as soon as the sun rises over the horizon, we Wake up in a completely natural way. So awakening in the summer months is given to us so easily.

5 tips how to survive the winter

2. Observe the schedule

Try to get up and go to bed at the same time. Gradually your body will get used to this rhythm and will start to Wake up at the right time, and the risk of insomnia will minimize. Don’t use gadgets before bedtime, try to turn them off an hour before bedtime – the bright light of the screens of the smartphone and the laptop “wakes up” the brain, not allowing him to relax and sleep. Don’t forget to turn off bright light: working TV or a table lamp contribute to the recruitment of extra веса2. For 40 years doctors and psychologists have observed for a dream 13 thousand women. It turned out that the lighter was in the bedroom of the participants in the experiment, the higher was her body mass index and wider waist.

5 tips how to survive the winter

3. Come out to the street

Nothing energizes like natural light, even if covered by clouds. During the lunch break try to escape from the office on a twenty-minute walk. Not only will this reduce your stress levels, but will be a great exercise that will help you to keep yourself in shape. Walking in the daytime, literally, make you look slim and women, and мужчин3. All about melatonin. Its development is directly connected with the synthesis of insulin, a hormone that controls glucose levels in the blood. Light normalizing glucose metabolism in the body and so regulates our weight.

5 tips how to survive the winter

4. Phototherapy

Even the most brightly lit office is not enough to replenish energy in the body. If you feel an acute shortage of sun, try phototherapy. Using a special lamp, you can quickly obtain a light similar in strength with the light of a Sunny spring morning, five times brighter than conventional light bulbs. Thirty minutes a day in front of this machine will protect you from the symptoms of seasonal depression and boost of energy for the whole day.

5 tips how to survive the winter

5. Follow the food

The less light, the less energy remains in us. Many try to fill its stocks with the help of sugar, but it gives only a temporary effect. After a few minutes the body begins to produce insulin to lower the sugar level, and once again we’ll feel lethargic. Try to avoid quick carbs and sugar. Make your choice in favor of bananas, nuts, seeds and avocados. The energy from these foods will be consumed slowly, and you get to avoid the effect of “roller coaster” mood. In addition, do not forget that the lack of UV radiation in the body slows down the synthesis of vitamin D. We may complain of chronic fatigue and depression and in fact suffer from a lack of vitamin D. “Vitamin D refers to vitamins that can be synthesized in our body and stock from the outside. In any case, even if we are actively spending the summer in the sun, stock is often only enough to mid-winter. Therefore, vitamin D must come from food. The main source is fatty fish, specifically, fish oil, cod liver oil. Also sources of this vitamin serve meat, egg yolk, milk”.

5 tips how to survive the winter

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