4 rules for beautiful brows

– Eyebrow pencil pick them up in accordance with the color – it will either cool or warm shades. A huge misconception that black eyebrows generic. They are suitable only for brunettes, blondes and brunette, they will look ridiculous and provocative.

– Keep in mind that the eyebrow is divided into three parts – head (widest part and the light), body and tail (the thin and dark part). Never paint much head, otherwise you risk to look grumpy. Apply pencil bar shaped movements to achieve the effect of naturalness.

– No need to touch up dark thick eyebrows, enough to give them shape and Shine with a special wax or clear mascara.

– If your eyebrows do not grow and look untidy, arrange for them treatments. Every night before bed with the brush (can take from old carcasses), soaked in warm olive, linseed, castor oil, comb eyebrows in the direction of hair growth. And provide the body with vitamins A, D and E.

4 rules for beautiful brows

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