15 basic qualities of the ideal boy according to the girls

Journalists LikeStory conducted a survey involving about 100 girls. And now we with confidence can tell the guys about 15 principles which should adhere to to get the attention of beauties!

So what are the things that make ordinary boys perfect in the eyes of the girls?

– The perfect guy has no ex-girlfriends psychos and models

– Earnings at the moment in no way connected with his activity in life.

– He realizes that all girls are different and respects their point of view

– If a guy is sick, he’s not acting like a girl and a crybaby. He didn’t create the tragedy.

– Girls whom he can tempt, is not limited only to category “drunk”

– He loves children and is good with them

– His relatives respect his choice of a new companion and not condemn his choice

– He doesn’t waste his time on Xbox or PlayStation!

– It is impossible to ruffle.

–┬áHis friends don’t go to a strip bar

– He remembers all the important dates and even astrological sign girls mom

– The perfect man can admit they were wrong


– He pretends that he loves to hear you sing karaoke

– He easily can prepare lunch or dinner

– Next to a man she should feel the most successful and beautiful

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