In 2017 more people want to abandon the social networks

A new survey showed that the number wishing to leave the social network has surpassed even those who want to quit Smoking!

One of the latest research shows that in 2017 to stop using the social networks has become a more popular wish than to give up Smoking.

A survey of 1578 people on the site (popular in the UK platform market local services) showed that of the total number of respondents 10% of people really would like and plan to completely abandon the use of social media this year. For comparison: those who want to quit Smoking, only 8%.

In 2017 more people want to abandon the social networks

Recent scientific research has repeatedly shown that social networking can be harmful to mental health and well-being. Research University of Copenhagen (Denmark) in December 2016 published a scientific paper in which concluded that excessive fascination with watching the news on Facebook or photos on social media and Instagram “may have a negative effect on your emotional well-being and life satisfaction”, causing envy, jealousy and emotional instability because of the “unrealistic social comparisons”.

In 2017 more people want to abandon the social networks

However, the same study reports that there is a way to change your life in a positive way with the help of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media. The authors of the study claim that the people who use social media platforms to interact and communicate with other people will feel more prosperous and happy than those who use the social network exclusively by passive: to view other people’s photos, reading posts, reviews and news. In that case, if you just to protect themselves from interaction with social networks is not possible, the main thing that can be drawn from this study is that it is necessary to make an effort and to turn from a passive viewer of other people’s lives in active, sociable companion. Even in social networks.

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