15 amazing facts that we never knew

1. You know where I got the Nobel permit?

Its founder is Alfred Nobel. As he opened the newspaper, where the first page was printed the news of his death. It was a foolish mistake. Alfred was mix up with his brother. This case made him think about what he will be able to leave this land behind.

So was approved the Nobel prize.

15 amazing facts that we never knew

2. We all remember the castle that appears on the Intro of disney movies. Where did he come from?

This castle actually exists. It is located in Germany.

Seeing his Walt Disney decided to create their own “Magic Kingdom“.

15 amazing facts that we never knew

3. That can turn a pleasure boat? Don’t know?
Dozens of passengers crowded on one side to gawk at the Nude beach! This story happened off the coast of Texas.

4. First the candles on the cake was lighted by the Greeks in honor of the goddess of the moon Artemis. The circle of candles symbolized the full moon.

15 amazing facts that we never knew

5. Original purpose of the creation of tampons was to stop the bleeding in gunshot wounds.

6. Once Nicole Kidman and Michelle Pfeiffer entered into a dispute with George Clooney about the fact that at the age of 40 years he married and have babies. The price dispute is $ 10,000.
40 anniversary Clooney as the winner was sent a check. He sent the check back with a proposal to extend the dispute before 50 years.

15 amazing facts that we never knew

7. You know that in Mauritania is still slavery?!

15 amazing facts that we never knew
8.The name M&M’s stands for Mars & Murrie’s (Forrest Mars and Bruce Murri) is the names of the two founders of the company.

15 amazing facts that we never knew

9. The Chinese measure of wealth is…Coca-Cola!
Expensive they mix red wine with Cola and enjoy the taste.

15 amazing facts that we never knew

10. In Saudi Arabia and the Vatican still women are not given the right to vote.

15 amazing facts that we never knew

11. The difference between the first airplane flight and first dropped him with a bomb, only 8 years old!

12. When the advertisement of cigarettes “Marlboro” was very popular .All 3 actors that starred in it, died of lung cancer.


15 amazing facts that we never knew

13. There was an amazing story. On the streets of Detroit was a man named Joseph Figlok. Like right there fell on him a small child. Fortunately no one was suffered.

Exactly a year later the story was repeated under exactly the same circumstances.

Mysticism or fate?

14. The nearest to Buckingham Palace, McDonald’s belongs to the Queen of England.

15 amazing facts that we never knew

15. In Switzerland was shot the last wild bear in the country. The reason was that it would be impossible to get him away from settlements.

16. The Stanford Professor then asked his students a homework assignment to create an app for Facebook. The result was unexpected: several students left the University and founded his own company.

17. During the Second world war, the Germans to confuse opponents, built several fake airfields with cardboard airplanes. The opponents were not so stupid and decided to make a joke in response – threw fake airfields cardboard bombs.