7 top tips for men

Every day you have the opportunity to become better. In this article, our editor gathered for you the ten best morning rituals. If you start to observe them, after some time, will be attractive to every stranger!

1. Start the day with cardio

7 top tips for men

Start your morning run! This is a good way to pump up the body and mind. Running will help make a more toned body. But this is only a small part. After the morning run your day will be filled with cheerfulness and good humor. Scientists have shown that people are engaged in cardio workouts are more resistant to stress.

2. Tight Breakfast

7 top tips for men

What kind of fuel you pump your car? and yourself? You know, if you fill in the auto bad gasoline, the car will be bad to go, and may not budge. With people the same. Start to replace fat products. Eat more protein and slow carbs in the morning. And start to drink milk and fruit juices.

3. Brush your teeth

For good smile you need to brush your teeth. For anybody not a secret that smiling people cause sympathy and trust of others. Make your reputation better.

4. Use eye cream

7 top tips for men

Men often hesitate to use creams. But the cream softens and moisturizes the skin of the eyelids. After a while you begin to look younger.

5. Shave

Important procedure for men in the morning to shave. Most women prefer clean shaven men. Every day watch your face, and that includes ears and hairs in the nose.

6. Do 100 push-UPS

7 top tips for men

Doing push-UPS after running, you will add attractiveness to your muscles. In addition to all you will improve posture and will look attractive in the eyes of your colleagues.

7. Take lunch with you

Take the tray of food on work. It takes a couple of minutes of your time, but saves calories. If you replace a lunch of McDonald’s, a balanced diet, just a few weeks you will notice that your figure became more attractive.