10 rules of a successful person from the worlds’ psychologists

1. Develop in yourself the attitude of full love for the work you do, not forgetting that it’s your choice!

2. Prepare for the tests mentally and physically. Learn to be healthy body and soul. Don’t know – learn!

3. Enjoy the upcoming test you in a new status.

10 rules of a successful person from the worlds' psychologists

4. Be always positive. Don’t be afraid to take on complex tasks. Stress – a consequence of uncertainty, so believe and trust yourself.

5. In any situation, you can disappear into what you’re doing at the moment. Don’t live in the past and live the future today – it is tantamount to defeat. Be in the present!

6. The thought is material. Be mindful of your thoughts. If your mind is calm, then your body will not be trapped. Remember, what is the source of the disease? Conversely, muscular tension indicates a psychological conflict – the search for the cause in your thoughts, let go of the situation.

10 rules of a successful person from the worlds' psychologists

7. If you can’t change the situation, change the attitude. We always see a situation the way this situation are able to see. Self-education, expand your vision.

8. Focus on what you can control, and disconnect from what is above your possibilities. Be able to stop in time, to gain strength and overcome a higher bar.

9. Defeated, take it as experience. Understanding their mistakes should bring you further to victory. Don’t give up and don’t go to the side like a loser.

10 rules of a successful person from the worlds' psychologists

10. Most importantly – have fun and joy from any process whatever you’re doing: sports, school, business, family. And then you’ll have good luck!!!

Want to be admired, – work on yourself!

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